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“Repurposing of EV batteries – a green Norwegian export opportunity” |  Jørgen Erdal, Co-founder & CEO


About the company: 

Enabling the reused battery revolution. RePack leverage a data-driven approach to repurpose discarded EV batteries into high-quality, sustainable, and scalable battery systems suitable for a quickly growing range of applications. By using their AI-enabled Battery Cloud platform, RePack’s ambition is to become European leading in reused batteries by 2025 and world-leading by 2030.

About the speaker:

Jørgen Erdal, Co-founder & CEO at RePack. Before founding RePack, Jørgen worked as a consultant at BCG supporting some of Europe’s largest energy companies in becoming world-leading in large-scale renewable energies. Jørgen also has a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Energy Systems from NTNU and ETH Zürich, specializing in renewable energy systems. 


Over Easy Solar – A different solar module, for quick and easy installation” | Trygve Mongstad, Founder and CEO


About the company:  

We are aiming to make solar installations on buildings with flat roofs extremely fast and simple with our innovative patent-pending solar module. Founded in January 2021, we have a dedicated team, interested customers and a working prototype of our technology. Our ambition is to reach a global market over the coming years, so flat rooftops worldwide can generate more clean, renewable energy with minimum environmental impact.


About the speaker:

Trygve Mongstad, Founder and CEO of Over Easy Solar, with 14 years of experience within solar photovoltaics R&D, installation and construction, consultancy and entrepreneurship.


Svalin Solar

“A circular approach to floating solar energy.” | Åge Eivind Aslaksen, CEO and founder


About the company:

Svalin Solar is developing a concentrating floating solar system. The system can produce electricity, heat or both electricity and heat from the same panel and can be installed on lakes, fjords etc. or in simple and inexpensive pools on land.


About the speaker:

Åge Eivind Aslaksen is the founder and CEO of Svalin Solar. He is also the inventor of the patented technology the company is based on.  Åge Eivind is educated as an architect at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and RWTH Aachen in Germany. He has worked as an architect on several large industrial building projects and as a land use and urban planner.

Circular Water

“Renewable energy – for clean water, micro-business and sustainable development!” | Henrik Mollatt, CEO and Co-founder


About the company:

Circular Water AS, sees the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the largest ever mapping of global needs, leaving a gigantic market analysis for business opportunities and sustainable development.  We have put together a team and partners for well proven robust technology for operation in areas with unstable infrastructure for water and energy. Our solution SWAM -Solar-Water-Agri Module is a scalable, containerised, and solar-powered water purification module, using a biodegradable biopolymer producing potable water. With SWAM, the end-product; non-toxic wastewater and sludge can be used in a circular manner for yield-enhancing effects in agriculture.


About the speaker:

Henrik Mollatt is one of the founders working full time in Circular Water AS. He has experience and passion in connecting business and sustainable development. He has his education and background from both business and sustainability and has over the last 20 years supported hundred+ companies, NGOs and public entities in their sustainability programs – Connect on linkedin 


“The energy system 2.0” | Espen Sandø, Co-founder and CEO


About the company:

Wattero creates IoT software solutions for energy systems. We are currently doing a project in a refugee camp in Jordan measuring and controlling the electricity used. We are developing solutions for decentralised electricity production in microgrids and regular grids.


About the speaker:

Espen Sandø is co-founder and CEO of Wattero. He has a technical background and experience from previous startups. Currently he is focused on developing digital solutions for the energy system.


Glint Solar 

Uses satellite data and machine learning to identify and analyze the best sites for solar energy.

Harald Olderheim, Co-founder & CEO


About the company:

We are accelerating the growth of solar energy by uses satellite data and machine learning to identify and analyze the best greenfield sites. Our tool allows you to quickly filter through thousands of sites. We aggregate up to 40 years of satellite data to give you the most comprehensive insight in your early-stage prospecting.


About the speaker:

Harald Olderheim is the CEO of Glint Solar. He has experience as a clean energy venture investor, as a management consultant, as a successful entrepreneur, and from a large number of companies within the clean energy sector. He holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a MSc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


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