The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster

A total energy transformation is on its way and it is developing fast. If Norway shall have a prominent role in renewable energy in the future, it is important to have a strong environment in solar energy. The market for solar energy in Norway is still modest, but with a strong growth. If you want to grow internationally, the market in Norway is important for building competence and developing technologies that can be exported. A number of the partners in the Solar Energy cluster are among the leading international today, and several have international ambitions. Therefore, the solar energy industry has organized itself into the Solar Energy cluster. The partners in the Solar Cluster have a vision to make Norway the world’s best arena for innovation and testing in solar and energy systems. The partners mission is to provide better solar energy solutions for everyone, through the dissemination of innovative solutions, collaboration through a good national and international ecosystem for innovation and commercialization. The main goal is to develop and create growth by industrialize world-class sustainable solar energy solutions.

Market areas

The Solar Energy Cluster has identified five market areas with growth and value creation potential both at national and international levels:

  • Sustainable production of materials
  • Building-integrated solutions
  • Micro-distribution
  • Energy systems
  • Energy services

The cluster’s strategies and activities will contribute to strengthening business and innovation in all these five areas. The cluster will create different cooperation structures and will support competence
development in the solar energy sector in order to acquire a bigger market share at both national and international levels. Each area will have its own working group formed of Norwegian stakeholders

The cluster is formed of:

More than 75 companies, a series of R&D and educational institutions, as well as different cooperation partners.

The core group
Contract partner
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